Smith Mountain Rally

Delta, CO

2020 Smith Mountain Rally has been cancelled due to COVID-19 and for the foreseeable future. Please continue supporting City of Delta with their efforts to build and provide more trails by volunteering to build or donating. You may contact them at 970-874-7566 to see how you can help. Stay healthy! 

April 18-19, 2020

Location: Bill Heddles Recreation Center in Delta, CO / Smith Mountain Road - Redrocks - Nighthorse Trail - Ute Road

What: 2nd Annual Smith Mountain Rally consisting of short track races on the new trails in vicinity of Delta Recreation Center and a gravel race with timed sections on the roads around Smith Mountain.

Host(s): City of Delta

Website Event Page:

* This event is authorized under a special recreation permit issued by Bureau of Land Management *


April 18, 2020 (Saturday) – Confluence Park Short Track Races

Details: Saturday will have short track races accommodating all levels, including a free strider event. The short track course will be around the Bill Heddles Recreation Center on the Confluence Park's trails. Awards will take place immediately after the race and prior to the start of each race. Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner will be scored top 1-2-3 each gender, while Youth has 2 age groups that will be awarded top 1-2-3 each gender with ages 5-9 and 10-16. Then afterwards, the riders can visit the Taste of Spring event later Saturday, which starts at 5pm. Participants get a free entry to the Taste of Spring event included in their purchase of either the short track race or the gravel race. Extra entries to the Taste of Spring can be purchased at the event.


Saturday Schedule (open to public unless stated otherwise):

  • 9:00am - 8:00pm: Registration for Short Track Races and Smith Mtn Rally open.
  • 9:00am: Short Track course preview open.
  • 10:00am - 4:00pm: Short Track Races (categories and exact times as listed below)
    • 10:00am: Advanced Race (60 minutes +1 lap); All Ages
    • 12:00pm: Striders (non-timed); Ages 4 & Under
    • 1:00pm: Intermediate Race (45 minutes + 1 lap); All Ages
    • 3:00pm: Beginner; All Ages
    • 3:05pm: Youth Races (30 minutes + 1 lap); Youth Age Groups (10-16 & 5-9)
    • 5:00pm - 8:00pm: Taste of Spring
  • 8:00pm: Delta Rec Center & Registration/Packet pickup closes. Come before for your shower!


April 19, 2020 (Sunday) – Smith Mountain Gravel Grinders

Details: In agreement with the BLM, 2020 Smith Mountain Rally is capped at 80 riders. Once we can show this event can be done safely and meets the BLM’s needs, we hope to increase the cap for the next version. In hopes of increasing the cap for the next version, please come show your support and ride! We will have 3 categories available: Beginner (approx 14 miles riding), Intermediate (approx 23 miles riding), and Advanced (approx 35 miles riding).

Course Lengths & Requirement per category:

  • Beginner:
    • Approx 13.4 miles riding total & 2,000’ Elevation Gain
    • Complete Timed Section #1
  • Intermediate:
    • Approx 21.6 miles riding total & 3,450’ Elevation Gain
    • Complete Timed Sections #1 & #2
  • Advanced:
    • Approx 34.0 miles riding total & 4,350’ Elevation Gain
    • Complete Timed Sections #1, #2, & #3
    • After completing Timed Section #2, riders will face some of the best gnarly gravel rides, hence the advanced level label. We recommend only those comfortable riding a gravel bike on cross country mountain bike trails to participate in this level. Super fun and challenging!
  • Those traveling with kids:
    • For 2020, we will have food supplies available at the race venue, however please plan accordingly for them to be independent or have other means of care.


Click on map for larger version!


Timed Section Stats:

  • Timed Section #1 (yellow) @ 4.3 mi & 1,160’ Elevation Gain
  • Timed Section #2 (red) @ 3.9 mi & 1,190’ Elevation Gain
  • Timed Section #3 (green) @ 11.2 mi & 600’ Elevation Gain / 800’ Elevation Loss

Take a shower, soak in their lazy river / hot tub afterwards. And wrap up the visit to Delta by stopping by some of the great local businesses and BRING YOUR BIKE PLATE TO SHOW PROOF THAT YOU PARTICIPATED IN THE EVENT AND GET A DEAL from the list of involved businesses provided in the packet bags!

Sunday Schedule (open to public unless stated otherwise):

  • 8:00am: Rollout from Event Venue
  • 9:30am: Cutoff time for Stage 1 start
  • 11:00am: Stage 3 start time - take your time navigating Stage 3 and we are relocating our timers for this!
  • 12:00pm: Cutoff time starting at Stage 2 for Intermediates or Stage 3 for Advanced
  • 1:00pm: Awards at Event Venue
  • 7:30pm: Delta Rec Center closes. Come before for your shower!




  Early Prices:

  After April 16 Prices:

  Short Track Youth (NO CAP):

  $5 (no shirt)

  $10 (no shirt)

  Short Track (NO CAP):



  Smith Mtn Gravel (CAP @ 80):



  Short Track and Smith Mtn Gravel:





  Extra Smith Mtn Rally T-Shirt



  Camp at Bill Heddles Rec Center:




REGISTRATION INCLUDES (depends on your purchase):

  1. Confluence Park Short Track Youth (Distance - TBA):
    • Chance to win prizes
    • Pass to Bill Heddle Recreation Center
  2. Confluence Park Short Track (Distance - TBA):
    • Smith Mountain Rally t-shirt
    • Chance to win prizes
    • Pass to Bill Heddle Recreation Center
  3. Smith Mtn Gravel:
    • Smith Mountain Rally t-shirt
    • Stocked Aid Station & H2O on course
    • Pass to Bill Heddle Recreation Center
  4. Bill Heddles Rec Center Camp:
    • Spot to camp by BHRC
    • One-Day Passes to Bill Heddle Recreation Center


  1. All courses are subject to change until the start of each race / ride.
  2. Short Track race can be completed on your gravel grinder bike or mountain bike – you pick! It’ll be more like a cyclocross race, so if it were me, I would pick my CX bike ;)
  3. 18 & Under are required to be accompanied by their parent or guardian on the Smith Mountain Rally!
  4. Confluence Park STXC / Smith Mountain Rally are completely unsanctioned. If you are coming to race / ride, you are coming to celebrate the love of the sport!


Registration Direct Link:

Facebook Event Page:


Available Lodging Options:

  • Camp at Bill Heddles Recreation - purchase pass during registration or at front desk.
  • Camp in the Smith Mountain Area – Details TBA.


When & Where

Apr 18, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020


9:00 AM

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Delta, CO

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